#WallpaperWednesday Notes & Links: French antique scenic wallpaper in custom print to order

A for Alderman Arts Holly Alderman

 Alderman Arts

See the first digital photography and printing innovations for interior design to capture, preserve and renew museum quality antique scenic wallpaper: Dufour digital chic antiques anew from Holly Alderman with Superior Giclee.

A 'designer book', made by Alderman for Charles Spada antiques showroom:


First digital antique Dufour wallpaper prints sold entirely via online and email, printed by Daniel Saccardo at Superior Giclee, delivered to Eaton Place, Belgravia, 2008: 

Musing the patina of extremely rare antique distressed French scenic wallpaper panoramas two hundred years old, I engaged expert digital photo capture for their historic preservation and also renewal to print wide format museum quality fine art reproductions to share with new audiences as grisaille veritas facsimiles and new one of a kind custom personalized museum quality fine art digital printing reproductions with Superior Giclee, and premium eco-chic wallpaper with Wallquest and organic cotton denim and linen with Adaptive Textiles.

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