Antique scenic panoramic wallpapers both French and Chinese, at Brimfield Antiques Fair July 12-17

As seen recently at Knollwood Antiques LLC at Brimfield Antiques Fair in July: Antique scenic panoramic wallpapers both French and Chinese.
Celebrate the unique trompe l'oeil patina effects in fine art digital reproductions, printing new editions of pre-industrial masterworks.
Featured for Boston Design Week, April extended through June at the Atrium in the Brickyard in Cambridge (above): Hamlen Flowers and Birds, Antique Chinoiserie Anew, originally painted on silk by an atelier in China c1820-40, and, Views of Italy and the Bay of Naples, originally hand painted woodcuts by Joseph Dufour et Cie in Paris, 1822.
Panels will appear again soon! Thank you for viewing. Call Holly for more information, 617-733-5493
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