Holly Alderman Exhibit: Saint-Gaudens National Park

"Holly Alderman's art is a wonderful combination of Modern and Post-Modern elements, as she creatively combines past and present, giving us multi-layered views of diverse worlds, that include the Renaissance, the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, Her view is refreshing, poignant, and magical."

-- Dr. Katherine Hoffman, Art Historian, Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts Department, St. Anselm College

"Holly Alderman's art combines serious purpose, wit, and whimsey in an engaging alchemy. In the multi-layered images of her Cyber Heroes project for the National Academy, she makes past and present speak to each other in a lively dialog. Icons of New York's Gilded Age mingle with references to the city of today, while figures formed of dotted lights marchin front, as if into the future. The effect is visually stunning and thought-provoking."

-- Diana Wolfe Larkin, PhD, Art Historian, Poet

"IN SCENIC art, painting, layered photography, antique scenic wallpaper and fine art printing, Holly Alderman composes imagination with reflections of classical themes in architecture, gardens and landscapes for the potential to transform contemporary imagery, to inspire and awaken new audiences to the power of proportions deeply imbedded our visual culture."

--Elatia Harris, Special Exhibition Program, Saint-Gaudens Memorial NYC, at Saint-Gaudens National Park, Cornish NH 

"Alderman is one of the most talented students in all my years of teaching" 

-- Varujan Boghosian, Co-Chair, MacDowell Colony, Professor and Chair of the Art Department, Dartmouth, letter to Mirko, Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard


3QD Interview by Elatia Harris

Exerpt-- "Holly Alderman is inspired not only by the spirit of classicism but also by a long-time interest in synergetics to pursue an ideal with origins, like all such ideals, in an earlier era. This is no retreat from our own time, however, for she is passionate and knowledgeable about the modern and post-modern in art, committed to conceptualizing new forms that can arise only in the present. Although she is far from exalting technique over the interiority of a work of art, in her life as a muralist, she has been a ceaseless technical innovator, experimenting with new materials to increase the depth of illusion and meaning." -- Elatia Harris, 3QD Interview


A Painter Crossing the Digital Divide, Elatia Harris, about Holly Alderman


Don Long in PMA Magazine Interviews Holly Alderman

PMA, Photography Marketing Agency International (PMAI), in DC, NYC and Chicago, "Promoting Innovation & Education in the Business of Imaging” 


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