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"A cumulation of features and phenomena" --

Designers -- Call Holly Alderman to discuss your scenic design project vision and for estimates -- 617-733-5493. Estimates for custom projects are "on reserve" for 30 days, after which may be updated.

Alderman Arts wallpaper and design collaborations, seen in over 40 cities and six countries, are created for and with interior designers, architects, printers, managers, museums and historic sites, fine art photographers, fine digital printers, museum quality art reproduction specialists and art historians.

Wallquest is one of the most respected, historic, and innovative wallpaper manufacturers in the US and the world, with delivery to more than 60 countries. 

After designing magazines, advertising, and a best seller almanac, drawing and painting landscapes and still life, silkscreening series on structural art, and painting public art murals, Holly Alderman was a fellow at the National Academy of Design mural fellowship where she crossed the digital divide to fine art digital printing architectural arts.

-- "It's fantastic what you did with the light man, the bulbs, the reflection, and the firemen, and everything... with the silhouette of the light man walking behind. I love him. It looks great." Tom Petrovich, Manager, Bergdorf Goodman Men's, Fifth Avenue, New York

Holly Compton Alderman is the third generation of Aldermans in New England to design architectural and decorative arts. She grew up in South Hadley and Cambridge, Massachusetts and Jaffrey and Dublin, New Hampshire. Alderman is a writer as well as an artist and designer -- of original and historical exhibitions, special rooms, and decorative arts collections. In New York at a National Academy Fellowship she studied public murals. She was a teaching assistant in design science at Harvard where she studied architecture and art. Her grandfather, a teen apprentice with classical architects in Chicago and Evanston, established his own architectural firm, Alderman & Alderman in the planned industrial city of Holyoke at age 23. His son, Bissell Alderman FAIA, explored early modernist style in Europe and as a professor of architecture at MIT in the 1930s to students including I.M.Pei. His firm, Alderman & MacNeish, Architects and Engineers, in West Springfield designed hundreds of educational and manufacturing buildings and banks in New England, and modernist homes in Belmont, Lexington and South Hadley.

....TO THE TRADE....

Wallpaper, framed art, fabrics--Discuss Trade pricing, estimates, measuring, scale and sizes, layout, elevations, color finesse, textures, special effects, personalized details substrates, FR, timing and budget with scenic wallpaper specialist in consultation with manufacturers. 

Request Scenic layouts in your architectural elevations
-- Antique and personalized colors, plus unique format innovations
-- Original paintings on canvas, scrim curtains, furniture, objects
-- From a single framed artwork to floor to ceiling lobby panoramas

Alderman has customized scenic wallpaper for 40+ residences in London to Palm Beach, Brooklyn, Lake Forest, Houston, Sausalito, Katonah, Cabin John, Charleston SC, Washington, Manhattan, Cambridge MA, Belmont, Boston, Toronto, Paris, Rome, a show in Bangkok, more.

Samples available, some to be returned in two weeks.

Design Tips + Notes

Crop panels for unique wall scenes for your accent wall or hall space.
Create unique framed sets on canvas and archival papers. 
Custom print coordinated fabrics, produce soft goods and accessories.  

Estimates for all custom projects are "in reserve" for 30 days, after which re-figured.

Consider accent walls or 360 layouts in your elevations for client presentations and approvals.
When an estimate is approved as a price, the customer activates the order with payment of 50% as an advance to produce new proofs. Paypal, check, wire & other methods accepted. New proofs are complete in 3 to 4 weeks, delivered for your approval. Custom color, innovation, special effects may require more time. 

When proofs are approved, the customer pays the second half of the price to activate printing, single panels to full panoramas.
Delivery in 4 to 8 weeks, 

Wallpaper offers moveable options
Installers can paste a liner layer, usually horizontally, to facilitate removal any time in the future, even 75 years or more. Installations are managed by independent contractors working directly for the customer. More information on installation is available. 

Architectural photography of each installations is desirable for historic record and potential publication.


 F A Q + Fun Stuff

What are scans and digital Imaging? 
The term is often assumed to imply or include the "Digital Capture" or digital photography of a subject, processing, compression, storage, printing, display or publication of such images. A key advantage of a digital image, versus an analog image such as a film photograph, is the ability to print copies (especially very fine museum quality copies of original art) and copies of copies, or variations in size, coloration, texture, special effects, digitally indefinitely without any loss of image quality.

drafts 10-14-21

4 Archival art prints*, print walls

5  Fine woven tapestry, throws

6  Room screens, summerboards

 Fine prints hand painted in studio

8  Public park murals on site

9  Art & photography on site

10  One of a kind commissions

*Expert workroom and framery


GLOSSARY notes & quotes

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"The definition of the aura... ‘a unique phenomenon of a distance, however close it may be’..." -- Walter Benjamin, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

CHIC - understated elegance





ECO-CHIC wallcovering


FSC-Certified Paper: Forest Stewardship Council


HIGH COMEDY - Comedy set largely among cultured and articulate people and featuring highly complex, witty dialogue. Comedy dealing with polite society, characterized by sophisticated, witty dialogue and an intricate plot. 

MONADNOCK -- isolated hill of bedrock standing conspicuously above the general level of the surrounding area. Monadnocks are left as erosional remnants because of their more resistant rock composition; commonly they consist of quartzite or less jointed massive volcanic rocks.





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